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Two factors for a better user experience

mayya geo

Everyone wants to provide a great experience

Are you the business owner who doesn’t want to provide their users with a great experience? No, of course you’re not. No one’s ever wanted this. Nowadays, all businesses are searching for how to provide better services and experiences, and eventually sell more.

You might be wondering what the key ingredients of a great experience are. Today I have two key factors to share with you; two factors that will make a great impact on your business.

The bad user experience

I will begin with a short story, which depicts so well what I’m about to share with you. I live in Germany, but while on holidays in Austria last year, I got vaccinated against COVID-19. For some reason, it was easier, more efficient, and much faster to get the doctor’s appointment in Salzburg in a comparison to Berlin. The Austrian doctor said: “You just need to show this proof of the vaccine to your doctor in Berlin, and they will provide you with the official certification paper for it.”

Great! I saved some time, I got the vaccine—it’s all perfect! At least that’s what I thought.

Later I went to my German doctor as the Austrian doctor advised me. I met the nurse at the clinic desk and explained why I was there.

Her reaction was priceless, she just said:

“We can’t do anything for you, we haven’t done the vaccination here. Therefore, you should look for the certification elsewhere.”

She hadn’t even tried for a second to listen to what I had to say. And she didn’t want to help me, not at all. We got into a short conversation where I was genuinely trying to understand what I could do to complete the whole thing. But she was only telling me that she couldn’t do anything about it. At some point while we were talking, the doctor came in. He just looked at the paper, listened to me, and after a second, I got the paper of proof.

What did the doctor do differently than the nurse? First, he listened to me; and second, he tried to help me. And he did help me.

The great user experience

The great user experience is often related to simple things, and most importantly, with the user’s feeling of satisfaction and the accomplishment of their initial objectives. Why did they come to you or your business in the first place? Why did they choose your product? Yes, that’s right, because they have a particular need.

What can you do to provide them with satisfaction and a great experience? Here are the two key factors I have for you today:

1. Actively listen and try to understand your users.

2. Help your users (to achieve their goals).


That’s it. You should aim to be more like the doctor in my story and less like the nurse. Following those two steps, you should be on the right path to providing your users with a better experience, whatever the type of service you provide.

Thank you for reading! 💜