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Top five UI design trends in 2022

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UI trends to expect in 2022

In 2022 we will continue to witness how the development of technology affects the design of user interfaces. Styles, graphics, colors, movements, and experiences will continue to be dictated and inspired by what the new technology can offer.

Visionary designers will continue shaping and imaging new innovative design solutions and will aim to create new environments and digital worlds for the users.

And without further due, let’s review the most important five UI trends that you need to catch up with.

1. VR and AR

Virtual and augmented reality - the era of creating not only products but new worlds and environments for the users.

Following the trends of the previous years and going even one step further with VR and AR. The release of the Metaverse in 2021 showed us that we are already at the stage, where these technologies are already mainstream. Top major brands like Nike, H&M, among others are jumping on the train of beautifully created only virtual e-commerce experiences for their users. For everyone in the business or creator of VR and AR deserves your attention.

design by Pavel Tsenev

design by Volodymyr Kurbatov

design by Tronpix

2. 3D, animation and motion

Inspired by real life and making interfaces look and feel physical – 3d graphics and motion will continue to dominate the visual direction and preferences of many brands.

Video format and moving pictures are established as the preferred media by the users. That’s why the combination of 3D and motion makes the perfect combination for explaining concepts to users.

design by Natan Riley

design by Outcrowd

design by Nguyen Nhut

3. Glassmorphism

This design trend is here to stay. The semi-transparent backgrounds, with a sublime shadow and border, are loved by both users and designers – the light, harmonious feeling, almost like a cloud.

Combined with a vibrant gradient in the background, glassmorphism effect alouds the foreground elements to morph with the background colors beautifully.


design by Lelevien

design by Muhammad Aseif


4. Grainy gradients

Dreamy, soft, elegant – gradients will remain to be a great add-on to user interfaces in 2022. Combined with the grainy texture effect, you will have the feeling you can touch your screen and feel it. This style is great for modern, visionary, or tech brands.

gradient -1-2022
gradient-3- 2022

design by Graphic assets

5. Nostalgia retro

Following the spirits of the ’90s, Nostalgia is here to remind you about colorful graphics, geometric shapes, and some of your favorite technology or brands from the past. It’s inspired by the Memphis design patterns, emojis, graphic shapes, big juicy typefaces, and simple interface shapes.


design by bansen art


design by gumroad


design by Noah Camp


UI design in 2022 is bright! Interactive, playful, and beautifully shaped websites, apps, and experiences.

It’s interesting to follow how the visual factors are changing throughout the years. But even so, you will see that the meaning of design remains the same. It still serves the users.

Thank you for reading! 💜

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