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New wave of brand identity trends for 2024

The key branding trends for cultivating a strong brand presence in 2024

Mayya geo

What an exciting era for branding and design in the creative tech industry! Amid technological advancements and the challenges brought about by the recession, creativity and design have thrived. Naturally, branding trends must adapt to these dynamics. While the obvious starting point for this article might be AI and generative art, let’s take a unique perspective, shall we? In this article, I’ll unveil key trends that will significantly elevate your branding in 2024. The focus here is on what truly matters to carve your niche and set you apart.


1. Use of AI and generative art

I was, of course, just kidding; let’s kick off the list with AI and generative art to establish a foundation for the forthcoming trends. In 2023, AI seamlessly entered the mainstream, saturating the internet with its generated content. The influx continues to grow—today more than yesterday, and tomorrow promises even more. AI is undoubtedly here to stay. Expect growth of generative creations in 2024, focusing on mastering prompts and personalized expressions. To make the most of this technology you should learn to master prompts that support your brand’s tone of voice and unique look and feel.


2. Authenticity, transparency & personalization

This trend stands out as the paramount point in this article. A highlight is the importance of branding materials and content emphasizing an authentic and personal approach. Modern audiences don’t like being sold to; instead, they seek to belong to a community resonating with their values and interests. The appreciation for authenticity in both visual and verbal communication, coupled with a commitment to transparency, is on the rise and highly prized by audiences.


3. Originality of activation

In 2023, we witnessed a surge in originality through diverse activations like flash mobs, installations, and the seamless integration of AR/VR experiences along with influencer branding. Today’s business landscape demands adaptability, urging brands to maintain both originality and authenticity in their core language. As we venture into 2024, staying ahead will require an even more dynamic blend of creativity and adaptation while still keeping true to the core brand strategy.


4. Emotional branding

Storytelling takes center stage, weaving narratives that resonate and highlight emotions connecting with our audiences. Integrating emotions into the visual and language approach underscores our understanding of our target audience. Expect even more creative tech brands embracing emotional branding as a deliberate response to the influx of generic, swiftly created content through AI.


5. Focus on organic aesthetics

With a heightened focus on environmentally friendly solutions and amidst ongoing crises, organic approaches are gaining increasing value. You should encounter more visuals aligning with this aesthetic, emphasizing a genuine commitment to what truly matters—the support and preservation of our natural resources. Brands embracing organic aesthetics in 2024 should genuinely focus on their purpose and prove their concept with tangible actions.


6. Vivid colors & Pantone color of the year

Following last year’s emphasis on bold hues, 2024 introduces a shift towards warmth, softness, vividly pallets and fluff. A prime example is the Pantone Color of 2024, Peach Fuzz, setting the tone for the upcoming color palettes. Expect the colors of 2024 to evoke mindfulness, dreaminess, and symbolize the profound human connection between body, mind, and soul. Get ready for delightful candy-inspired, and bright color palettes!


7. Typography

The trend of cohesive, statement typefaces continue in 2024. Expect liquid shapes, geometry, and custom typefaces to take center stage in brand identities. The strategic fusion of colors, a playful approach to sizing and composition makes typefaces more critical than ever. The upcoming trends in typography will focus on clarity. We will see fonts highlighting the brand name and usage of simplistic typography to effectively communicate primary brand messages.


8. 3D

The integration of 3D in logos, typefaces, and visual identity graphics is here to stay. Diverse 3D materials, including metal, chrome, and organic textures, provide brands with the creative freedom to experiment and incorporate a digital or realistic touch into their materials. A lasting branding trend in the fashion tech industry is the widespread use of chrome textures, seamlessly implemented into brand visuals, logos, makeup, AI filters, and beyond.


9. Pixelated visuals

With ongoing technical advancements, the pixelated aesthetic isn’t just confined to logos; it’s becoming a main element in overall branded content. Drawing inspiration from early 2000s pixelated desktops and UIs, this style adopts a modern twist by incorporating glitch effects, organic shapes, and vibrant neon colors. The intriguing question remains: where will the pixels take us in 2024?


10. Postmodern and Surrealism

Through collages, illustrations, and a blend of realistic or 2D forms, post-modern and surrealism aesthetics transport us to vibrant, imaginative digital realms. Brands in the creative tech industry are embracing this style for its creative flexibility, allowing a reimagining of the real world. The usage of these styles is perfect as aligns with the Gen Z embrace of peculiar and uniquely “be yourself” digital content. The younger generation values individuality and expression. Surrealism offers a visual escape from the challenging reality, immersing yourself in the captivating digital realms of surreal brand identities!

It’s all about embracing originality and authenticity!

Transparency and authenticity will remain key advice throughout 2024. Regardless of the medium, the battle to showcase authenticity will be even more difficult. The future holds promise for those who embrace their unique tone of voice and aesthetics in branding materials, distinguishing themselves in the sea of generic content. So, choose your path wisely!

Now that you have the powerful trends to follow, you have everything you need to plan your branding activities. Are you ready to redefine your brand’s destiny and become an icon in the world of fashion and creative technology? Begin by taking the quiz to assess your brand’s current standing. Your journey to becoming an iconic brand awaits!

Thank you for reading! 💜