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Designer job titles

mayya geo
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UX Designer | UI Designer | UI/UX Designer | Product Designer | Service Designer | Interaction Designer | AI Designer … Wait what?

Most likely you already know about the myriad of different design job titles nowadays. For many designers, especially the ones who are just starting out in the field of digital design and UX, this is highly confusing. What do the different job titles mean? Which one should they adopt for themselves? Should they also add to it a “junior,” “mid,” “senior,” or “lead”? Indeed, it is important to articulate what we do and for how long we have done it, this way others can easily recognize our abilities.

It’s highly confusing, not only for many designers but also for many professionals from other industries looking for a designer for their next project.

Here’s what I think: We need to stop being so focused on the titles. Then we would have much more time to focus on what really matters—putting the best design work we can possibly do out there; to let it build our name and reputation. Let us define the title and not have the title define us.

Let the work we do define our job title.

Job titles are changing. There is a really high chance that in the future something else will better describe what we do. However, what we have learned and produced and the experience we have gained will remain forever.

So, don’t be bothered so much! Let’s just pick the title we’re comfortable with today. Then we can get to the business of doing the work that will help us grow.

Thank you for reading! 💜