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Design methodology is harmful

Mayya geo

Let’s do it like that...

Here we are, surrounded by methodologies, rules, and logic. And we like it here. Why? Because it makes it easy for us to make decisions. Because we can always find a common ground and explain what we do based on logic. Because it’s our safe place. However, how often have we heard:

We’ve always done it like that, and others are doing it like that, so let’s continue do it like that.

Learn to unlearn

There is nothing wrong with logic, rules, and methodologies. They help us progress, and they keep consistency throughout what we do.

But there is one thing we often forget—balance.

We all know that no extreme helps us to progress, and that also applies to methodologies. We need to know them, master them, and implement them, as they are already working frameworks. But that’s all they are—frameworks and tools. They’re not everything we need to do good work. They should not become the only solution.

How often have we found ourselves pondering a work task, thinking we could suggest another way of doing it? But then we decide not to mention our idea, as it’s easier to follow what has been done before.

Critical thinking, creative thinking, and learning to unlearn can help us discover amazing new worlds of possibilities.


The learning

When there is a balance between methodology and innovation that’s where the magic happens. That’s how Thomas Edison invented electric light bulbs that could be used at home, for example. He experimented relentlessly and didn’t settle for what was already widely used. He wanted to not only improve on an old design but to create a new system for a new type of electric light bulb.

Methodology can be harmful when we are blindly following it without using critical or creative thinking. We cannot let the methodology be the only solution or control our decision-making.

The world is changing and so are its needs. Not everything that worked so far will work in the future. The new problems we must solve require new creative thinking.

Thank you for reading! 💜